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A while ago I stumbled on a whole pile of pocket sized magazines called Lilliput Magazine. A little musty and with rusty staples but obviously some departed souls pride and joy!

Searching eBay daily to supplement the collection, covering search terms, like ‘men’s mags’, ‘girlie mags’ I was amazed to see titles of publications I had never heard of. ‘Spick’ …’Span’ ….’Show’, the list goes on.

I was born in the ‘50’s and by the time I had reached my mid teens in the early 70’s no London back alley seemed to be without a shredded and soaking copy of Parade or one of its contemporaries. When I started work I often wondered how many of those tan pigskin briefcases contained a copy of ‘Men Only’ to help while away lunchtime in a quiet city office?

With the Internet dawned a new age of easy discreet access and many a title must have been lost due to lack of a market.

Viewed now, these magazines have a charm of their own and reflect their times. Many have quality literary content and images supplied by some skilled and often famous photographers. One thing they all shared was pictures of beautiful women.

The aim of this site is to share some of the great titles and covers of the vintage men's magazine market from the mid to late 20th century and where possible give some guidance as to what is inside those covers.

Please click through to The Top Shelf on the covers below and find out a little about some of the titles and their content.

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