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Vintage mens magazines

Welcome to www.mens-magazines.co.uk. The covers and titles of these vintage magazines have always made me smile. Over time I will try and add as many as I can find to my A-Z glossary of glamour. PLEASE BE AWARE THE SITE CONTAINS TASTEFUL NUDITY AND IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR OVER 18’S

I am also working on my new magazine for sale section and hope to be adding titles in the coming weeks.

It started with finding a small collection of the Vintage pre war magazine Lilliput and very swiftly grew and grew to a collection of hundreds of vintage men’s magazines and thousands of ‘glamour’ negatives and transparencies from the 1950s to the 1990s. 

Over the decades ‘mens’ magazine titles ( a generalisation because a lot of women enjoy these titles equally ) have come and gone. Some did well, others never got beyond issue 1. Check out my A-Z page. I’ve just made a very small scratch in the surface, but you have to love that colour art!

Magazines for sale. I cant keep ’em all so I will be adding titles and issues for sale. e-mail me if there is anything that interests you and I can give you a quote shipped worldwide. 

Prints for sale. I’m a photographic printer by trade, an analogue person, but with the digital means to scan and restore images from my huge collection, to present the best images in print form.